TravianT4 Installation Script

TravianT4 Installation Script
Version: BETA 4


  • Along with the installation/usage of this game, you shall be fully responsible for any legal results that may raised initiated by the owners of any unlicensed content you permit your copy of this game to publish.
  • Neither the team that created this script nor the team that customised it to create this distribution/release shall be responsible for any damage done to your computer/server system.
  • All code was confirmed to be running correctly by the creation team without any visible security risk they were aware of at the time the released it. Similarly for the customisation team who customised it to create this distribution/release.
  • Users are asked to review the code on their own accord and behalf.
  • Any customization to the source code are the property of each customisation's author, it is up to each author's discretion whether to share it by including it in free open source distributions such as this one.
  • You have no rights to edit copyright notices or/and claim this script as your own.
  • Last but not least, Enjoy.
TravianX Team